Blue Moon I ID1

Blue Moon I ID1

Blue Moon Brewing Co. is planning to introduce a non-alcoholic version of its flagship beer later this year. Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White, a Belgian-style Wheat Brew that comes as the non-alc segment continues to grow and consumers seek out more low- and no-alc options. The new brew is poised to launch in six packs of 12-ounce cans in time for Dry January and will be the first non.

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Blue Moon boosts the citrus by adding orange peel and coriander during brewing. The result is a light, fruity beer—perfect when served chilled on a hot day. The orange flavor is much more prominent in nonalcoholic Blue Moon than in the regular version. If you already like Blue Moon's citrus flavor, you'll enjoy the non-alcoholic alternative.

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Final Verdict Of Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White. This feels like a throwback to my days of drinking the original Blue Moon, and it did not disappoint! Blue Moon non-alcoholic Belgian White is full of zesty citrus flavor and leans towards the sweeter end for beers. The affordable pricing is another plus too.

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Generally speaking, though, a six-pack of non-alcoholic Blue Moon cans will cost between $10 and $13 dollars — just like the boozy version. More than that, one store in Billerica, Massachusetts had both Blue Moon Belgian Whites available for the same price of $12.69 as of January 9, 2024. In other words, you shouldn't expect a discounted.

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The non-alcoholic brews will soon be available nationwide; Blue Moon is planning to launch them later in 2023 in time for Dry January. You'll be able to find them in six packs of 12-ounce cans.

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Blue Moon just launched the highly anticipated Non-Alcoholic version of their flagship Belgian White beer. It has notably strong flavors of orange and cori.

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Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White is a Belgian-style wheat brew that comes as the nonalc segment continues to grow and consumers seek out more low- and no-alc options. The new brew will launch in six packs of 12-oz. cans in time for Dry January. Advertisement. "Blue Moon changed the way we think about beer, and it's doing it again, this.

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Grainwave is a zero-alcohol beer that Blue Moon fans will enjoy By Stephanie Gravalese Updated April 18, 2022 1:52 p.m. A Blue Moon taste with out the alcohol.

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Our N/ATION Review: Many drinkers may identify with the Blue Moon brand as the gateway to craft beer, or at least as a part of the journey from drinking whatever one could get their hands on to a more refined beer palate. Launched in 1995, its light, refreshing taste is synonymous with hot summer days, and has remained a staple for years in the.

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Enjoy the balanced, refreshing flavor of the original without the alcohol with Blue Moon Non Alcoholic Belgian Style Wheat Beer. Creatively inspired and artfully brewed with Valencia orange peel and coriander and 0.45% ABV, this non-alcoholic Blue Moon will soon become one of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy it while watching the game, hanging out with friends or anytime you want a.

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A balanced and refreshing non-alcoholic Belgian-style wheat brew, crafted with Valencia orange peel and coriander. ABV. <0.5%. Availability: Year-Round.

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Molson Coors-owned Blue Moon Brewing is promoting their Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White -- which debuted in December 2023 -- for those abstaining from alcohol for the so-called Dry January but intending to reset in February 2024. Beginning on January 12, 2024, for every six pack of Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White that consumers purchase

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The change in drinking preferences is forcing the company to "defend" traditional beer occasions through non-alcoholic brands such as Coors Edge, Peroni 0.0. and the forthcoming Blue Moon Non.

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The beverage will be under .5% alcohol content, making it non-alcoholic, rather than alcohol-free. (In the United States, anything under the .5% threshold is considered non-alcoholic.) The alcohol content in the Blue Moon beer is a small amount leftover from the brewing process, as compared to the 5.4% found in the standard Blue Moon Belgian.

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Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White will be released in six-packs of 12-ounce cans with under .5 percent ABV. The beer will be brewed with the same Valencia orange peels as the alcoholic version.

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Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic is inspired by Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale and offers the same quality and taste. It is the newest addition to Molson Coors non-alcoholic brew portfolio.