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Plum vs Eggplant vs Grape Purple Colors Compared

Purple. Dark purple. Black. Deep violet. Light purple. Lavender. White (also known as "White Eggplant" or "Eggplant Bianca") Striped (various shades of purple and white, or purple and green) These are some of the common colors you can find in eggplants.

Plum vs Eggplant vs Grape Purple Colors Compared

There are several colors based on this name that reflect the colors of European varieties of eggplant. The following are common eggplant colors. Dark Eggplant. #330033. Aubergine. #372528. Cured Eggplant. #380835. Aubergine Mauve.

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An eggplant color scheme is considered sophisticated,. Eggplant is similar to plum, so you can use its color code to find the right tint for your designs. The hex code for eggplant is #614051. Type Value; HEX #614051: RGB: 97, 64, 81: CMYK: 0, 0.34, 0.16, 0.62: Application in design.

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The color "aubergine," which is the French word for eggplant, is a deep, rich purple color with a hint of darkness and moodiness. It is a unique shade that leans more towards purple than reddish plum. When you think of eggplant, imagine the color of a ripe, glossy eggplant fruit - that's the color we're talking about.

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The Deep Purple Color. When you think of eggplant, the first color that comes to mind is a deep, dark purple. This is the most common color of eggplant that you will find at the grocery store or farmer's market. The skin of the eggplant is a glossy, almost black hue, while the flesh inside is a lighter shade of purple, often with tiny seeds.

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Eggplant (color) Eggplant is a dark purple [1] or brownish -purple [2] color that resembles the color of the outer skin of European eggplants. [3] Another name for the color eggplant is aubergine [2] (the French, German and British English word for eggplant). The first recorded use of eggplant as a color name in English was in 1915.

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Eggplant has 4 times more Manganese than Common plum. Eggplant has 0.232mg of Manganese, while Common plum has 0.052mg. Read more:. The color plum is a dignified color suitable for many formal occasions. The dark shades are the color of the fruit of the same name, while the lighter shades are less formal and more fun.

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Upload your own or share it with us on social media by using #SWColorLove and tagging @sherwinwilliams. SW 6271 Expressive Plum paint color by Sherwin-Williams is a Purple paint color used for interior and exterior paint projects. Visualize, coordinate, and order color samples here.

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Help us by suggesting a value. (Eggplant) 0mg. Naringenin is a natural compound that has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. quercetin per 100g. 0mg. 0.9mg. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found in many plants and grains, known for its positive effects on the immune system and for its antioxidant properties.

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Eggplant vs. plum: both are purple, but both are slightly different. To create any purple color, a mix of red and blue are needed. Red, blue and yellow are primary colors, aka, the root colors of all the other colors that are created. In color theory, these three colors are the building blocks of the color wheel.

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The smooth, outer skin is dark purple with specks of green throughout. This type of eggplant has a delicate flavor and very few seeds and is commonly used for roasting, frying, or in stews. 10.

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Check the color. There are several different colors of eggplant; the most common is the very dark purple, but some are lighter purple, striped or even yellow or white. Whatever the color, make.

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Introduction: Eggplant vs Plum Color. Eggplant and plum are two fruits that are often compared due to their similar shape and size. However, one question that arises is whether they have the same color. At first glance, the two fruits may appear to have a similar color, but upon closer inspection, there are noticeable differences.

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Plum. A dark purple to deep reddish purple. Eggplant. The edible fruit of the Solanum melongena: an aubergine. Plum. An especially desirable position, assignment, or reward. An ambassadorship granted as a political plum. Eggplant. (North America) A dark purple color, like that of the skin of this fruit.

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Whether you call it aubergine, eggplant, or the scientific name Solanum melongena, this striking deep purple hue has a mystical beauty about it.. No, aubergine and plum are not actually the same color. Although they share similar hues, according to color theory and the Pantone system, they are slightly different shades. Aubergine would be.

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Mistake #3: Ignoring Flavor Profiles. Finally, people often ignore the flavor profiles of plums and eggplants. Plums are sweet and tart, while eggplants are slightly bitter and earthy. Using the wrong ingredient can result in a dish that is either too sweet or too bitter, depending on which ingredient you choose.