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The exact answer to that question depends to a large extent on storage conditions - keep shredded mozzarella cheese refrigerated at all times. To maximize the shelf life of shredded mozzarella cheese, do not open the package until ready to use. Properly stored, an unopened package of shredded mozzarella cheese will last for about 1 week after.

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Being a soft cheese, Mozzarella doesn't last as long as other hard cheese. However, the shelf life of a mozzarella cheese can vary depending on many factors. Normally, a fresh unopened and refrigerated mozzarella cheese will last for about four to six weeks. If you've opened it, the mozzarella cheese should be refrigerated, and it shall.

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Fresh mozzarella or burrata can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days after opening. Shredded mozzarella can also be kept for the same amount of time, regardless of the date stamped on the package. Loaf mozzarella has a 21-day shelf life in the refrigerator after opening, and smoked mozzarella can be kept for 28 days.

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Fresh mozzarella can last several weeks unopened and 3-5 days once opened if properly stored at temperatures below 40ยฐF (4ยฐC). The shelf life of other varieties of mozzarella depends upon factors like temperature, packaging, and moisture content. Low-moisture mozzarella can last up to a few weeks after it's opened.

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So long as it's been kept properly (refrigerated), it should be safe to eat. But it will have a different flavor than you're likely expecting. Not much, for just a month. But cheese flavors evolve as the cheese ages. "best by" dates on cheeses are mostly about flavor changes, not spoilage. You can abuse this to a limited extent, if you'd like.

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Here's a breakdown: Unopened Fresh Mozzarella: When stored properly in the refrigerator at temperatures below 40ยฐF (4ยฐC), unopened fresh mozzarella can last up to two to three weeks from the date of purchase. Opened Fresh Mozzarella: Once you open the package, the clock starts ticking.

How Long Does Mozzarella Last in the Fridge? YouTube

How Long Does Unopened Mozzarella Cheese Last? The shelf life of unopened mozzarella cheese depends on a few different factors, including the type of mozzarella and how it's been packaged. Generally speaking, though, most types of unopened mozzarella cheese will last for about 2-4 weeks in the fridge.

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Freeze dried (opened) Up to 2 hours. Up to a year. Up to a year. First, we have mozzarella in a block. The exact shelf life varies from brand to brand, but it's about 6 to 7 months in most cases. Once opened, the mozzarella block will last for a few weeks before turning bad.

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Some methods spoil faster than others. Typically low-mosture cheeses last much longer (some claiming 6 months or more). The packaging. Some mozzarella (like other cheeses) comes in specially designed packaging that claims to prolong the life of the cheese. The temperature of storage. Frozen cheese lasts significantly longer, around 6 times as long.

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An unopened package of fresh mozzarella will last a couple of weeks in the fridge โ€” in fact experts say it'll be at a decent quality for 70 days after the production date (you can often find this on the packet). If your mozzarella came in water or brine you can keep it in the same.

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The shelf life of mozzarella cheese varies depending on its form and whether it has been opened. Unopened mozzarella can be expected to last beyond its 'sell by' date if kept refrigerated, typically staying fresh for 2 to 3 weeks for factory-sealed blocks and 4 to 6 weeks for refrigerated fresh mozzarella balls.

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Fresh mozzarella lasts for up to a week past the date on the label. Once you open the bag, the cheese keeps between 3 and 7 days, depending on the storage method. Fresh mozzarella doesn't last that long. Its date is usually about three to four weeks from the manufacture date, so the storage time is shorter than one of blue cheese or Brie.

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How Long Is an Unopened Mozzarella Cheese Good for After Expiration? Unopened mozzarella cheese can last up to three weeks after its expiration date when refrigerated or 70 days after the production date, depending on the refrigerator's temperature. Mozzarella cheese is of two categories: Fresh Mozzarella Regular or low-moisture mozzarella.

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Compared to these two types of mozzarella cheese, loaf mozzarella stands out. Unopened loaf mozzarella cheese can last for long and even past the expiry date sometimes if it is refrigerated properly. According to Strange, loaf mozzarella cheese can last up to 21 days when it is opened and kept refrigerated.

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When it comes to storing mozzarella cheese, unopened packages can generally last for a significant amount of time, especially if stored properly in the fridge. The typical shelf life of unopened mozzarella cheese in the refrigerator is about 2 to 3 weeks. However, it's important to check the expiration date on the packaging, as this can vary.

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Unlike popular hard cheeses like parmesan that last up to nine months, mozzarella will usually last about three weeks to a month from the day it is manufactured. Unopened mozzarella cheese can last up to seven days after the best-by date. Once the package has been opened, the cheese lasts between three and eight days.