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DIY Mermaid Crown. Creative Green Living. This seashell crown is the perfect accessory for the mermaid of the hour. Best of all, it's easy to DIY. Get the tutorial at Creative Green Living. SHOP STARFISH. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. 2.

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First, fill a large container with Sprite or lemon-lime soda. Second, add a few drops of blue food coloring to give it an oceanic hue. Using clear cups, layer Nerds candy at the bottom of the cup. Next, add ice and 2 Swedish fish to the sides of the glass. Add the blue liquid to the cup, and serve immediately.

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4. Mermaid Bark. White chocolate, sprinkles and a few drops of colourful food dye are all you need to make this pretty dessert a huge success at your little one's mermaid-themed birthday. Images via Bread Booze Bacon. 5. Mermaid Blondies. These delightful desserts will go down swimmingly at your upcoming party.

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Instructions. Beat the cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Add the powdered sugar and beat until combined. Mix in the marshmallow cream and vanilla. Fold a large spoonful of the thawed whipped topping into the dip mixture. Then fold the remaining whipped topping into the dip until completely combined.

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Little mermaids will love these mermaid goodie bags from Val Event Gal. This is a quick and easy DIY which uses tissue paper and a sharpie to make adorable mermaid tails. Fill them with a bunch of goodies, and add Val's cute, free printable for a "fin-tastic" touch. It's just too adorable.

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Hang a light blue fabric or scarf against a wall to create an oceanic effect. Dress Up a Dessert Table: One of the simplest ways to make a statement is to create a themed dessert or party food table. A tablecloth featuring gold mermaid scales is the ideal base for tasty birthday bites. Hang a Garland: Spruce up any space with an adorable garland.

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Mermaid Cookies. Fun and easy mermaid tail scale cookies made with your favorite sugar cookie dough, butter cream icing, and fondant- perfect for your mermaid or under the sea party.

Little Mermaid Ocean Jello Cups Comida para fiesta, Fiesta de la

Printable Mermaid Activity Pack. Mermaid at Heart Shirt. Mermaid Tumblers. Mermaid Party Cake Ideas. Ice Cream Mermaid Cake with Chocolate Seashells. Easy Mermaid Cupcakes. DIY Mermaid Cupcakes. Mermaid Party Food. Turkey and Provolone "Clam" Sandwiches.

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Mermaid parties are still incredibly popular on our site, which is why we've gone through and selected 19 of the most impressive mermaid party foods to inspire you. You find examples for a mermaid cake, mermaid cookies, mermaid cake pops, donuts, Krispie treats and so much more…. Your birthday girl is going to love this!

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Make these easy seashell Rice Krispies Treats™ for your mermaid party. Mermaid Food Ideas . Mermaids need "real" food, too. Even picky eaters will like these mermaid food ideas. Crab Sandwiches are Perfect for a Mermaid Party. Although cupcakes are nice, these adorable crab sandwiches are a bit more hearty and are 100% kid-approved.

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Pasta salad typically is a summer party go-to, so if you're planning a mermaid themed party during the warmer months, a seashell pasta salad is going to be a hit among guests. To whip up this mermaid-approved party food, cook plenty of shell shaped noodles and follow your favorite pasta salad recipe.

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Coral reef candy creation. To make this, I stuck green licorice (seaweed) into a halved styrofoam ball (bought at an art store) using toothpicks. Then I used half of a toothpick to stick Swedish fish into the licorice. This gives it the effect that the fish are swimming in the seaweed.

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My mom used to take crescent rolls, divide the package into two sections, pinch the serrated pieces together, roll it out a bit flatter and layer crescent roll - cheddar cheese - crescent roll (It looks like a big rectangle…I should have taken more pictures). Bake according to instructions. Oh my…so yummy.

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Your party guests will be ravenous for these shark snack cups! All you need is: 1. Little yoghurt pots/cups. 2) Vanilla yoghurt with a drop of blue food colouring. 3) Shark jelly sweets. 4) Crushed biscuits (to mimic sand). You can finish these fin- tastic treats by adding a cocktail umbrella!

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Colors for Mermaid Parties. These foods are filled with color, and while they may not be healthy, they are perfect for celebrating special occasions. In fact, the unhealthier, the better when it comes to birthday party food. But food needs to be colorful for mermaid birthday parties. The food is part of the theme and part of the decor.

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Slice each of the croissants to just about the opposite end, leaving the back (the part farthest from the two tips) is still attached. Place two slices of ham and one slice of cheese inside each croissant. Place two toothpicks into each croissant at an angle leaning backward. Place a dot of mustard on the back of two candy eyeballs.